Theresa, or T to all her friends, was diagnosed with HER 2+ Breast Cancer in October 2009. Since then she has undergone a lumpectomy, a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, hysterectomy, and had a rod placed and replaced in her leg. 

On top of these surgeries, she has undergone rounds upon rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. 

For 6 years. 

On several occasions, it seemed like she had beaten the disease and doctors had even used the R word: remission. 

During all of this, T continued to live her life, hanging out with friends and family, traveling with her partner Kevin, running, and working as a corrugated box designer at Georgia Pacific.

She refused to let Cancer define her life. 

In 2011, while undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, weird symptoms were appearing and she thought the Cancer had returned. She went to her doctor for tests and a miracle happened: instead of Cancer, they found a heartbeat. She was four months pregnant! Three months later she delivered a perfect,  beautiful miracle baby girl, named Emerson Belle. 

During her pregnancy, the Cancer did come back and the day Emerson was born, she also had a complete mastectomy, a decision necessary in her will to live, now for her brand new baby girl.

In the past year, the Cancer has spread to her leg and lungs. She has gotten three "second" opinions and is hoping the new cocktail of chemotherapy is going to annihilate the Cancer that has spread throughout her body. 

T died suddenly on October 12, 2015 and left a legacy of love for life, a tenacious will to live and a little girl named Emerson.

T's flame lives on in all of those she loved.

xo -- REE